You’ve probably noticed water collecting beneath a window AC unit or had to clean up after a leak in your central air system. All air conditioners produce water during the cooling process; some is needed to help cool the air and the rest is flushed out the back of the unit.

In a nutshell—no.

Yes, it’s summertime in south Florida and it’s much hotter and more humid than during the rest of the year, which means your system will likely cycle on and off less often—but, your system should not be struggling to keep up. If your air conditioner is constantly running and not reaching the targeted temperature, there’s something wrong with your system.

Summer is the time of year when we want to spend our money on vacations, barbeques, and water parks, not pay extra each month to keep our homes comfortable. Luckily, this is potentially an easy fix—it’s possible that you’re wasting money due to not using your thermostat correctly.

One of the misconceptions homeowners have when shopping for a new HVAC system is that the bigger, the better. However, this is definitely not true—and many homeowners end up paying way too much on a system that doesn’t do what they expected.

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