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With all our comings and goings, the average American home produces about 40 pounds of dust each and every year. This dust has a tendency to hide in HVAC duct systems that constantly circulate air throughout our homes. Mixed with this dust are microbes, pet dander particles, and pollen that aggravate residents with allergies and other respiratory ailments. A thorough duct cleaning can help alleviate these air-borne issues.

Air duct cleaning

A lot of homeowners forget about the air ducts when scheduling routine maintenance and cleaning of their HVAC unit. But, your home’s air ducts play a vital role in keeping you and your family comfortable year round. When your system is running, all the air in your home is pulled into the vents, cleaned, cooled/heated, and recycled back out through the air ducts. As part of this process, the air filter you regularly change blocks dust and dirt from getting through—but even the most efficient air filter is not 100% effective. This means that anything that gets through moves through your air ducts.

Dirty Air Ducts

It is estimated that 40 pounds of dirt, dust, pet hair/dander and allergens can build up in a home’s air ducts each year. Upwards of 40,000 dust mites can flourish in just one ounce of this debris. Not only does this duct buildup reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system, but it also contributes to health concerns for those who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems. The EPA estimates that the air in your home or business can be two to five times more polluted than what we breathe outdoors.

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