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In addition to the previous list of air conditioning questions, we’ve compiled a second part to common questions customers may have.

Having a reliable HVAC system in Florida has made summer days bearable. While summer is meant for relaxation, storms can disrupt your care-free fun. And we all know that with heat and humidity comes rain and lightning. An astonishing fact about Florida is that it earned its title as the lightning capital due to the number of thunderstorms, and for good reason too. In fact, Florida has the highest number of lightning strikes per year, leading the nation in amount of strikes. Many people steer clear of being outdoors during these thunder storms but what about your air conditioning system?

With the 30 years of service American Air Cares has been able to provide, many calls have started with, “Am I able to fix this myself or do I need to schedule an appointment?” Because our customers and their concerns are important to us, we were able to answer a few questions to help you determine whether a call is necessary or not.

An unusual noise coming from the air conditioning system can be worrisome. Although ACs aren't quiet and generate a lot of noise when they're running, there might be a problem if it starts making noises that don't sound right. Luckily, most causes of these noises are simple to fix—and if it needs professional repair, American Air Cares has the tools and know-how to get it done fast.

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