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An unusual noise coming from the air conditioning system can be worrisome. Although ACs aren't quiet and generate a lot of noise when they're running, there might be a problem if it starts making noises that don't sound right. Luckily, most causes of these noises are simple to fix—and if it needs professional repair, American Air Cares has the tools and know-how to get it done fast.

Living in south Florida, particularly Martin and St. Lucie Counties, has its benefits. However, the high humidity our area is known for is not one of them. Because we live in a tropical climate, some days just stepping outside feels like stepping into a shower or steam room. And unfortunately, the humidity doesn’t always stay outside. Below are some effects of higher humidity indoors.

Does it feel like your home isn’t staying cool even though your air conditioner is blowing cold air? This can be a particular concern in South Florida, and there are a variety of factors that affect your home’s temperature. It’s important to understand those factors that might be at play in your home.

You’ve probably noticed water collecting beneath a window AC unit or had to clean up after a leak in your central air system. All air conditioners produce water during the cooling process; some is needed to help cool the air and the rest is flushed out the back of the unit.

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