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ac enhancers & humidity

Many people think the job of an AC system is to remove humidity. While an air conditioner does remove some humidity, the system is primarily designed to cool the air. If more humidity can be removed from your environment you will feel cooler, even at a higher temperature setting.

Noisy AC Units

Air conditioners work hard to keep our homes comfortable and will often make some noise in the process. However, too much noise can become an issue and may indicate potential internal problems with your system. Also, the abrasive noises that come from outdoor or indoor components can impact the comfort levels of homeowners and neighbors alike.

Bigger AC isn't always better

An improperly sized air conditioning system can lead to all sorts of problems for homeowners that may range from excessive indoor humidity to inflated utility bills. The US Department of Energy recommends replacing systems that are older than 10 years, so it’s important that homeowners understand the sizing requirements that go along with a new AC installation. In order to receive the highest level of efficiency and preserve the lifetime value of the system, there are a number of factors buyers should consider.

SEER energy rating

The SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, of an air conditioner measures the amount of cooling power the system produces with one unit of energy input. To calculate SEER, air conditioning manufacturers compare the cooling output of the system in British thermal units (BTUs) in relation to the energy consumed as measured in watt-hours.

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