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Although electric furnaces are not as common as heat pumps and natural gas furnaces, they are more common in south Florida than in colder areas of the nation. Generally, electric furnaces are not as efficient or powerful as natural gas furnaces, but living in a tropical climate means that homes don’t have the same heating needs as northern homes. Because there are no gas lines and many homeowners consider them “easy” heating system solutions, maintenance visits are often skipped or postponed. However, it’s important to remember to schedule your system’s maintenance service visit annually to ensure your system remains reliable and efficient.

Winter has officially reached south Florida! And with the chilly weather (that to native Floridians can feel downright cold), it’s important that your heater is running well—especially at night. If your heating system isn’t function properly or running as well as it should be, there are a few things you can check before calling in the professionals.

Similar to all other types heating systems, heat pumps can have issues and malfunction—they just have different types of problems than gas or electric furnaces. The main problems commonly associated with heat pumps are refrigerant leaks and ice buildup.

As the weather starts getting (and staying) cooler, your home heating system is vital to your comfort. If you need to replace your current heating system or are simply in the market for something different, it’s important that you understand the various options available. Like any other machine, type, size, and efficiency all affect the bottom line (both the initial purchase price and the monthly operating costs).

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