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Although the season’s shift from winter to spring isn’t as dramatic as further north, now’s the perfect time for homeowners to have their HVAC system serviced in preparation of the upcoming summer months (which will be here before we know it along the Treasure Coast). By cleaning and servicing your system now, you can correct any small problems that will turn into bigger problems and affect your comfort this summer when the temperatures soar.

Like any responsible homeowner, you are likely diligent in cleaning out your dryer’s lint trap between laundry loads, particularly those with that tend to leave behind more lint, such as towels and the like. But how diligent are you at cleaning the vents between the dryer and outside? It’s vital that this area is cleaned regularly (once to twice a year) to prevent build up of lint over time—which leads to restricted airflow and possibly an accidental fire. In addition, keeping the vent clean has the added benefit of increasing the efficiency of your dryer and keeping your energy bills as low as possible.

With spring showers, comes warmer weather—particularly in south Florida. As our friends and family up north are turning off their heat and opening their windows, we’re closing windows and turning on the AC. A routine maintenance check and cleaning in the spring will help ensure a well-running machine through the upcoming brutal summer months.

The importance of maintaining your HVAC

In south Florida, there are very few things that feel better than coming in out of the heat, into your cool home. But, unfortunately, a lot of homeowners don’t give their unit a second thought until it breaks down—usually at the hottest time of the year.

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