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There’s a problem with your air conditioning system. A friend of yours said fixing it yourself will save you a ton of money. While saving money is usually a good thing, this is the exception. Experimenting with something as complex as an HVAC system is never a great idea. Your AC unit requires advanced knowledge in order to identify and fix the problem. Never plan on doing it yourself. Leave it to the professionals, and here’s why:

Winter is here, and we can’t seem to figure out whether to turn our ac or heater on. Florida weather can be unpredictable, but preparation is king. Cold fronts are common during the winter time in Florida. So, it may be time to get your heaters prepped and ready. Here are a few tips to ensure your heater is ready for the winter season.

American Air Cares would like to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving holiday. We want to say thank you and we appreciate all of you, whether you are a new customer or a returning one. Thank you all for allowing us to provide you with over 30 years of service to the Treasure Coast area.

When it comes to the air we breathe, we tend to think about outdoor air pollutants, completely bypassing our own indoor air quality. We fail to realize that we spend most of our time indoors, breathing in air and whatever dust particles that are floating around in our homes, workplaces, or vehicles. In order to have clean indoor air quality, here are a few tips to ensure you’re breathing in quality air.

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