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As soon as you turn on the heat, do you notice a burning smell? You’re not the only one who deals with this unpleasant smell. While this can be problematic in some cases, chances are it may be something that can be fixed either by you or a HVAC technician. A list of likely reasons may help you determine what’s wrong with your air conditioning system.

When’s the last time you’ve cleaned your outdoor air conditioning unit? Chances are, it’s been awhile. When homeowners think about maintenance, they seem to bypass the outdoor unit. Unlike the indoor system, the outside unit has to withstand all weather conditions. In Florida, that includes rain, extreme heat, hurricanes, and spontaneous cold fronts. Leaves, dirt, and other debris can get stuck in and around your system. Sometimes things like branches or small twigs are caught inside the system, causing your fan to become blocked.

In addition to the previous list of air conditioning questions, we’ve compiled a second part to common questions customers may have.

When it comes to the temperature in your home, it is very rare that we think anything other than the air conditioning units could be the cause of why our home is not heating or cooling the way we would expect. The attic is the last place homeowners think to check. Because the attic isn’t the first place to look when air conditioning problems occur, insulation doesn’t cross homeowners’ minds.

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