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With all our comings and goings, the average American home produces about 40 pounds of dust each and every year. This dust has a tendency to hide in HVAC duct systems that constantly circulate air throughout our homes. Mixed with this dust are microbes, pet dander particles, and pollen that aggravate residents with allergies and other respiratory ailments. A thorough duct cleaning can help alleviate these air-borne issues.

With all the sources of outdoor pollution we face today, it's nice to think that we can find a reprieve when we venture indoors. However, this is not the case. In fact, studies by the Environmental Protection Agency have found that indoor air pollution levels can be 100 times higher than outdoor pollution. The American College of Allergists report that 50% of sickness is caused by or agitated by poor indoor air quality.

Ah, Florida, where summer likes to rear its hot, humid head long before its official start in June. While we've been fortunate this year to have received some cooler springtime weather, temperatures are already climbing into the upper 80s. And warmer temps mean more frequent and prolonged use of our air conditioning systems. Regular servicing and maintenance of our HVAC units help extend their life, but system failures or troubles are bound to happen. Here are 4 common types of issues you may need to be wary of this summer.

Hiring an HVAC professional to properly install, repair, or service your air conditioning system can at times seem expensive. However, hiring an unlicensed and uninsured individual or company can be catastrophic. In many instances, the unlicensed contractor will lack the proper knowledge to perform the job or will use deficient products and parts to save money all while charging their clients an "excellent" price. What homeowners fail to realize is that in the end this will often cost them twice: once to the unlicensed company and then again to a professional HVAC service to correct to the problem.

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