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Florida Heat Build Up

It is estimated that two-thirds of homes in the US have air conditioning and that the combined approximate cost to power them tops $11 billion. Therefore, it is financially wise to do everything we can to keep air conditioning costs down.

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Florida’s extreme weather conditions can be very hard on an air conditioner and it’s important to keep a few things in mind when trying to preserve the life of the unit. High humidity and elevated temperatures keep our air conditioners working overtime close to nine months out of the year. What can you do to help keep the system running at peak efficiency? Here are six basic tips homeowners should remember:

Replace your AC Unit

It’s a frustrating experience: you’ve followed all the maintenance tips you can think of and kept a regular AC servicing schedule, but your AC unit refuses to produce the temperature you need. You ponder whether or not it’s time to replace the system that, up until recently, had served your home faithfully and diligently. A new unit may be costly, but the mounting repairs just aren’t getting any cheaper. Consider these five questions before making the decision to order that next major repair or taking on the cost of replacing the entire unit.

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Depending on your location in south Florida, nearly 50% of your utility budget goes to cooling your home. That “cool” comes from central air systems; room air conditioners; ductless mini-split systems that cool the air in different zones of your home; and evaporative coolers that take outside air, cool it with evaporated water, then circulate cool air inside. Americans spend about $11 billion each year to keep their air conditioning systems running. These maintenance tips will apply to central air systems.

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